Telefonica O2

Aleem Uddin 

I have been working with Haroon as his Technical Specialist and Assistant Manager for over a year. He is an exceptional leader who looks to not only focus on getting results, but also places great importance on growing his team and developing their skills. He looks to get the best out of individuals, allowing them to take the opportunities which unlock their potential both in terms of personal development and work place experience. 

Haroon has also been at the forefront of managing the company’s social media, unlocking the opportunities where tweets and social media campaigns could be used to drive footfall into the declining stores. He has also supported the marketing team in driving forward interactions and capitalising on new and developing initiatives which have been driven forward by the organisation. Not only was he able to use this to grow the company’s brand but was also critical to how Avertec would in the future use social media, and put in place the framework which was the beginning of social marketing. 

Furthermore, he has supported me in developing in the esteemed leader I am, working alongside him, I have been able to understand the ins and outs of what it means to be a manager, at the same time supporting him where he has required my assistance. I would happily recommend Haroon for future employment, and I place him in high regards as a leader and team-building expert.


Andreia Martins 

Haroon has been part of the Elite Store Managers within the London area, making his mark on driving performance across the board in both KPI and Service Level Scores. He displays a exceptional level of discipline when it comes to upholding standards, supporting and developing his team, and building a sustainable framework for success. Haroon is a individual who portrays consistency and excellence at the core of his values, and furthermore settles for nothing less then the winning result. Not only would he a great asset, but he also bring along with him the vast leadership experience, and his skills within digital and social media marketing which complements his multi level skill set!


Zain Qureshi 

It was a pleasure of working with Haroon for the past 2 years at Avertec. During this time, we worked together on how we could maximise sales and drive footfall within the branch he was managing. Haroon is a person with a strong leadership and Marketing skills focusing on driving results all the time. He sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. Haroon is creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. He is an asset to any company that he joins in the near future.


Barclays Bank Plc

Robert Palmer

“Haroon was excellent to work with across the different roles he did for Barlcays. Always very professional, efficient and confident with his work always achieving excellent results.

He was an asset to all teams he was involved in”

Hyusein Hyuseinov

“Haroon is someone who easily establishes rapport with anyone on any level, so he is a great communicator. I’ve never seen a better organised and punctual person than him, his workbooks and notes are always immaculate and he is always on time on the spot. Haroon is a natural leader who inspires people to achieve their professional potential in full. He is someone who adds value to any organisation from day one and makes a positive impact in a continuous manner. Haroon is an asset! I wholeheartedly recommend him”


Damon Deiches

“Haroon was a fantastic support to me in my role as a Digital coach….. Especially regarding community events. He came and supported a very successful event in a very high profile area in London and engaged with my team extremely well. His digital knowledge is Superb and he also makes excellent use of all digital channels in business”


Nathan Waldron – DipFA

“Haroon is a hard working and truthful person. His kind nature and understanding of clients places him in an elite space. Haroon has the ability to adapt to all situations and inspire all of those around him. He is truly a great asset to any business”


David Gillan

“Haroon has supported our big code playground event within the Thames Gateway community and has a clear knowledge in the digital space. He was able to slot right into a team he hadn’t worked with and supported lots of students with learning how to code. He has been a big support within the branch I work in too”


Nana Pomaa

“I worked with Haroon for nearly a year. Haroon is a fantastic person, who’s incredibly hard-working, very bright and willing to learn. He has an excellent work ethic, and truly values personal and professional relationships. I believe Haroon will be an asset to any organisation”

Henry Cummins

“Haroon Chaudhry is a real star – he joined the core Digital Eagles team on secondment at a time when we were even more stretched than usual – and delivered immediate effect. Not a man who needs to be asked, when Haroon spots something that needs his attention he’s straight onto it – and quickly and quietly delivers rapid results. Equally at home in the technosphere and when dealing with people face-to-face, Haroon has those key skills needed in the Digital Revolution – he makes tech work for people, and not the other way around. Thoroughly reliable, dedicated and industrious, Haroon is definitely a man to have on your team!”


Chrisilios Tringis

“When I first met Haroon he portrayed confidence and very friendly. Very team orientated, but as an individual he excelled in his role, displaying uniqueness and innovation within his ideas in improving social media strategy. Always a smile on his face; he was a valuable member of a team through his versatility and organisation skills. I would recommend Haroon whole heartedly to be successful in anything he is a part of”

Joann McPherson

“Haroon presents himself as an articulate, proactive individual with an eagerness to develop himself. Striving for excellence”






Nahendran Suppiah

“Haroon is an excellent individual with great aspiration and determination to succeed in life. He is self-motivated and has an excellent work attitude which will take him far. He has all the qualities of a leader and can take on any challenge.He is an asset to any company”

Jemshaid Mirza

“Haroon was one of my earlier pupils when I first started out as a driving instructor. He’s an amazing, bright, polite person, easy to get on with, a keen, hard working learner and a quick decision maker. During the years that I’ve known him, he’ll prepare himself to take on any challenges with a passion. I would recommend Haroon highly”

Sandeep Saib

“Throughout the 3 years, I have known Haroon to be an extremely hard-working and dedicated individual and friend. He is intelligent and always showed his determination and commitment in producing work to a high standard and meeting various deadlines. Haroon will go very far in life and be successful. I am happy to personally recommend my friend, Haroon Chaudhry for future employment”

Shah J. Rahman

“Having known Haroon for nearly 4 years, I am confident in saying that this young man is one of the most dedicated, hard working and friendliest people out there. He defines meritocracy and is very highly motivated in whatever it is he needs to do. He was always determined and attentive. He is a very punctual individual and takes work very seriously. Haroon seems to be the perfect candidate for an environment that requires 110% dedication, at all times with no excuses, whether it’s sports, education, work or anything. His energy is something to be in awe of as he simply keeps on going and thrives under pressure.

Above all of these, Haroon’s personality wins him friends very easily. He is a very respectable person, who, in turn, has huge amounts of respect for people around him. He appreciates peoples achievements, talents and skills while being very modest about his own. I would recommend Haroon for anything that requires an individual that needs to be trusted as he is a very honest person.

It has been a pleasure knowing such a kind, honest, helpful and hard working friend”

Ghazi Aftab Rahman

“Withholding a positive attitude and a dedicated approach, Haroon always pursed the highest level of commitment in his tasks and aimed to achieve the best possible result. Having the personality to work in both teams as well as independently, his reputation as a dedicated and hardworking individual far exceeds him, having the ability to work under pressure and meet countless deadlines without fail. I can say he possesses exceptional people skills, as his positive mentality, target driven attitude and passion for excellence differentiates him from others, but also makes him a pleasant individual to work with, expressing he has all the attributes to excel and succeed any challenge he is faced with”

Anita Patel

“Having studied with Haroon at Queen Mary University of London, I know he is a dedicated, organised and personable individual. Haroon has a great work ethic where he proactively takes on any tasks assigned and is committed to taking that one step further. Haroon is a great team player and this is derived from his gracious nature, helpfulness and positive attitude. He is ambitious, courteous and a reliable friend.

I would not hesitate to recommend Haroon and I believe that he would be a great asset to any organisation”

Andrew Oyejola

“Haroon is self-motivated and driven to excellence in customer service and analysis of business processes. Haroon is also very clear and passionate with what needs to be done, and has an energy, ethic and determination to ensure that it is. He’s great with his client group and comfortably coaches across all levels of the organisation”

Nargis Begum

“Studying with Haroon was great because I trusted his judgement 100%. Haroon has always been a hard worker and puts his all into everything that he pursues. He definitely has ambition and I can say with great confidence that Haroon will one day soon be a very successful business person; just watch this space”

Andrei Hancu

“As a student I had the occasion of collaborating with Haroon on a number of business oriented projects. He has a well structured mindset, organised thought process and is definitely one of the hardest working people I’ve had the chance to collaborate with.

With such a serious and strong character, I’d look forward to the day I would be part of the same organisational structure as him”

Bernadette Kamleitner

“Haroon has been part of a team of research assistants that I employed for a research project. He was very reliable, worked well in and with the team and was proactive when the situation required this. It was a pleasure to have him on board!”

Nadezda Burmistrova

“I know him as a very hard working and responsible person. Haroon was always very good at time management and could effectively work on several different tasks. I am sure this young man has all skills and personal qualities necessary to reach the highest levels in business”




Smiley Prints Ltd

Omran Zulqarnain

“Haroon is an example of the ideal individual, hardworking, great team player and extremely committed to the end goal. He has on numerous occasions demonstrated the quality to work under his own initiative, adapt into new and challenging situations, and command a professional leadership style.

Haroon ability to keep growing as an individual and always looking to build his character as a strong manager, will soon see him become a leading candidate in his own field. I would more then happily recommend Haroon for further employment, that he would be a great asset to any team or organisation he chooses to pursue his career at”





Phil White MCIPS

“I met Haroon, whilst he worked at Vodafone Store in St Pancras Station.

My daughter is a ballet student in London & had lost her i-Phone & the replacement mobile had been sent to our home in Cambs.

Because of an earlier problem with my Vodafone account I needed help to set up my daughter’s mobile.

Haroon was able to sort out the account problems & technically set up the mobile.

He demonstrate excellent customer services & technical applications to resolve our problems.

Phil White – a very satisfied “customer”


Ali Hussain

“Having worked with Haroon over the past year or so, I have come to know him better both as a colleague, and a friend. His ability to grasp new ideas and adapt to changing environments has taken him to where he is now. Not only is he one of the best Sales professional I have come across, he is someone that puts most sales people in the profession to shame based on his honesty and integrity. Having trained Haroon, it would do no justice to Haroon traits to just say he is only deserving of a good rapport, as he is exceptional in his tasks, always supporting to his team members, always excelling at his figures and sharing the knowledge, as well as always being there when his fellow colleagues require his assistance.

This recommendation is intended to show not only how Haroon excels at his current post, but also how he is someone that I can personally see progressing quickly in any tasks/objectives he sets himself. His character will make him somewhat of a Business leader/Sales executive that commands respect from his peers without asking for it deeming his traits as exceptional.

Haroon is definitely someone I would love to work with in any walk of life and someone who will adds value and can bring a lot to the table”


Assade Housee

“Haroon is a talented individual who is extremely passionate about his results. He is a very good team player with an eye for details. Always willing to learn new skills and quick to deliver on the things that matter most. I am sure he will continue to be an asset to any team he is a part of”

Juergen Brinner

“I needed improvement and help with a wireless communication issue. Haroon was not only knowledgeable and helpful, but he also conducted himself in a polite and professional manner in helping me resolve my problem. He exhibits a high level of customer service and people skills”