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The Kingsmans Journal is a avenue for success in management and leadership. My name is Haroon, and I’m a Management Professional. What that means in a nutshell is I unlock the potential for businesses to grow and have a major influence on Business Operations, Team-Building and long term Growth.

After graduating from Queen Mary University as a Business Management student, my professional CV consists of many big names within the telecommunications and banking sectors, where these exciting opportunities involved managing multi-level marketing campaigns, showcasing events and interacting with C-level executives and diplomats.

Management was not a career choice for me, it was a passion. Once your passion becomes your work, you become invincible at what you do. Outside my professional life, I am also a fellow philanthropist. I also look to share this experience on management,  and leadership in relation to how one can bettering themselves. You will also find blogs on this site which are a product of my role as Blogger, Author, Freelance Writer and Motivational Speaker.

Lastly, I also shares a keen interest in the developments of Business, Management, Technology, Social Media.